Signature Series Foam

Signature Series Foam was created to be clean and environmentally friendly without sacrificing effectiveness. It was developed for successful extinguishment with the current appliances, tactics and application rates at 1% for hydrocarbons and 3% for polar solvents with the best extinguishment time for in-depth fuel fires.

  • Best fire and vapor suppression for in-depth fuel fires
  • Cleanest C6 foam on the market
  • Lowest viscosity for foam concentrates
  • Working temperatures down to 20F(-6.6C)

Signature Series Foam - VSP

We are pleased to announce that we now have a Florine free vapor suppression foam that can be utilized using the same proportioning and delivery devices used to extinguish a tank fire. It’s a known fact, there has always been more foam shot on flammables, combustibles and post extinguishment than on actual fire extinguishment.

Up until now, we had no choice but to utilize a fire fighting foam because there was not a vapor suppression product. Now that has changed! Dwight’s Signature Series VSP increases the drain time several times over, drastically reduces the water contamination and reduces the cost per hour with enhanced protection. This is not only common sense but politically correct.

“I am putting my name on it because if I had to go to a fire today, based on the testing I have witnessed, there is no question in my mind that this is the foam I will use! First is the performance of the product and second maintaining the most environmentally friendly product we can, but it's about performance to protect the men, women and property.”

Why Choose This Foam?

Dwight has always “thought outside the box” and is continuing to develop new products that reduce risk, minimize exposure, and save life and property. With over 100 major successful operations of extinguishment and control of hazardous situations, Dwight re-defined extinguishment by making it faster and safer with less exposure to the firefighter.

Dwight has been working diligently to develop a foam concentrate that will outperform any on the market today. His goal was to create a foam better than the original 3M® ATC foam to which he assisted in developing and his new Signature Series Foam Concentrate is a testament to that fact.

  • Flammable liquid in depth and spill fires
  • Fuel or chemical storage tanks
  • Industrial chemical and petroleum processing facilities
  • Truck/rail loading and unloading facilities
  • Mobile equipment




Dwight Williams Plunge Test


Foam Test


Fluorine Foam Discussion

Plunge Test

Dwight Williams’ plunge test was developed out of a necessity to provide scaled testing utilizing a 42” diameter pan. The test consists of applying the finished foam at a marginal application rate of 0.06 gallons per minute per square foot to test the effectiveness of the finished foam. The expansion of the foam solution in the nozzle is not greater than a 6:1 which is typical for current larger delivery devices. The key for this test is the finished foam must plunge though the fuel and rise back to the top with an aggressive delivery. The pan is filled with 1” of water and 5 gallons of gasoline resulting in 1-3/4” of fuel. The finished foam stream must be directed into the center of the pan not banking off the wall or a deflector. This proves the effectiveness of the finished foam; being able to shed the fuel and run until it forms a blanket and extinguishment. For a successful test the complete extinguishment must be achieved in 3 minutes. This test is a representation of a Type III application on large tank fires.